Project Party Blog Edition


Welcome to another Project Party Blog Edition where we put the SPOTLIGHT on some INCREDIBLE entrepreneurs and their project success. The purpose is to celebrate small business owners’ accomplishments, share helpful tools with fellow entrepreneurs, and inspire each other along the way!

This month we are featuring women business owners that are celebrating FIVE and SIX figure launches! 

So break out the bubbly and let’s get this party started!


Connie Moclair MomentsGenavieve Shingle Jaffe, Genavieve Shingle Law and Damsel in Defense

What do you do? I empower and educate female entrepreneurs with the legal side of their business (with sparkles!)

What project did you blow out of the water last month? I relaunched my on-line legal course, Damsel in Defense®, and  it brought in over $170K.  I set the goal to enroll 100 people and I signed up 107 plus 3 scholarship students.


What are the top 3 tools and/or resources that helped you make it a success?

  1. Ontraport ran my affiliate account – my affiliates were a huge part of my launch.
  2. Facebook ads blew up my list.
  3. Webinars were an amazing way for me to connect with my audience and spread my message while simultaneously allowing my personality to shine through (I used WebinarJam).


Savvy central radio

Jenn Scalia,

What do you do? I work with female online entrepreneurs and coaches to position themselves as the authority in their niche so they can attract their ideal clients effortlessly.

What project did you blow out of the water last month? It was a hybrid launch of my group program Gutsy Girls Make Green and my mastermind program The Inner Circle. I launched both at the same time and it was a complete success. I ended up with 20 people in GGG and 12 new Inner Circle members and an over $60K launch. 

What are the top 3 tools and/or resources that helped you make it a success? 

  1. My online business manager (OBM) and virtual assistant (VA) — having a team to support me was the #1 thing that helped me get through it!
  2. Get Response! My mail provider that has all types of cool features including Perfect Timing which sends my emails to people when they would most likely open them – it increased my open rates by 10%.
  3.  Optimize Press and Wishlist Member to run the back end of my membership area and take care of getting all my new enrollees access to the program.


headshot CelinejpgSusie Romans,

What do you do? I’m a business coach and marketing consultant for women who want a rich and purpose-driven life.

What project did you blow out of the water last month? My Sweet Freedom Academy launch plan! I’ve launched my signature eCourse training program twice this year and both launches were solid five-figure launches. The key is to lead with value, engage with your tribe and keep your team in the loop every day. The more creative you can get with your Facebook ads, marketing content and story telling, the better!

What are the top 3 tools and/or resources that helped you make it a success?

  1. I delegated more than ever.
  2. I used Ontraport to sync all my emails, shopping cart and payments (thank God for all-in-one software).
  3. I got out of the house for inspiration on new videos, pictures and marketing elements.

Cheers to these extraordinary lady bosses for OWNING their projects and getting results. If you’re interested in participating in the next Project Party Blog Edition, head over here to let us know what you’re up to!

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