As you may know, I’ve been managing 7 figure projects for over 8 years now ranging from television to online program launches. Below are just a few secrets that I’ve learned that can make or break a project. Hope you enjoy!

Secret #1: Start at least 3-6 months before your launch

In order to hit 7 figures consistently, you need to have a strategic plan and a fully informed team to support you. It’s important to budget a considerable amount of time for creating a launch plan. As success expert Brian Tracy says,

“Every minute spent in planning saves as many as 10 minutes in execution. This is a 1000% return on energy.” 

For 7-figure launches, I usually recommend committing 2-4 weeks for planning.

Secret #2: Plan like a pro

There are a few steps I recommend to creating a successful plan which leads to a more efficient launch.

First, map out your marketing strategy then run that strategy by your mentors, colleagues and partners.

For example: opening your launch with a 5-day challenge that leads to 2 webinars and several time-sensitive bonuses throughout the launch.

Get their feedback and tweak your strategy accordingly.

After you feel confident with your marketing plan, meet with your Project Manager to break it down into step by step tasks with due dates. These tasks will vary based on your team setup and systems.

It is a huge waste of time for your team if you don’t solidify your marketing strategy BEFORE they start mapping out the full project plan. This creates double the amount of work for every change you make.

OF COURSE, there may be times when you want to make changes during the launch based on audience response. However, the initial strategy should be locked in before your Project Manager and your team get to work on the detailed step by step plan.

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Secret #3: Partner with your team

After the detailed plan is developed, run it past the team. Walk them through the steps, have them review, and get their feedback. Tweak the plan based on their feedback and then get their sign off.

Failing to partner with your team is basically a death sentence for your launch. By getting their sign off, you are empowering them to have a voice in the project and take ownership over their responsibilities.

Secret #4: Define roles and responsibilities

Create a roles and responsibilities document: who is on the launch team and what are they doing?

For example:

Launch Copywriting: Shirly Q

Responsible for writing copy and proof-reading the following: emails, opt-ins, bonus PDFs & social media copy.

Copywriter will work with the Owner to develop copy requirements, the Designer to develop copy for graphics and inform the Tech VA when copy is ready for upload.

The Copywriter will keep the Project Manager updated on Copy status and informed of any challenges or foreseeable delays during the launch.

Secret #5: Host a Kickoff Meeting

A Kickoff Meeting is a great way to get the whole team on the same page before a launch. During the meeting, you can explain the vision of the launch, why it’s important to the company, and your goals. Your Project Manager can walk the team through key dates and deliverables and then open it up to questions.

This is a great opportunity to create solid relationships with your launch team. If you have both your designer and developer on the call, they know that they’ll have to work together to create the necessary webpages for your launch. Basically, they won’t be just partnering with you on the launch, they’ll be partnering with each other to get their jobs done!

Secret #6: Regular Launch Meetings

These meetings are critical to foreseeing issues and resolving them before they become major problems.

I recommend meeting weekly with your launch team for at least 2 months leading up to the launch. As it gets closer to the launch and during the launch, I recommend meeting with them TWICE a week if not every day.

During these meetings, you or your Project Manager should create an agenda and make it shareable so that others can add items to the list if necessary.

One of the most important questions that I recommend asking every team member during these calls is: “Do you have everything that you need to complete your tasks for this week?”

You’d be surprised how many times the answer is “no” and the need is met within 30 seconds of discussion.

FREE TRAINING: The Top 5 Mistakes Business Owners Make When Hiring & Managing Their Team (and What To Do Instead!)

These secrets are just a few of the things that make a 7-figure launch efficient and successful.

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