You’re the STAR of your business

… but that doesn’t mean you should be the one

doing all the work.

Is this you, darling?

  • You’ve got big-time launches and major projects on the horizon, and you want to hit all of your deadlines—not watch them fly by because you’ve got too much to juggle
  • You don’t have enough time to market your offerings and be visible to your tribe AND make sure everything in the background gets done
  • There are too many people on your team to manage and too many moving pieces to do it all on your own
  • You’re ready to wash your hands of the nitty gritty so you can focus on the big picture

Save those soaring smarts

& that high-vibin’ bandwidth for:


leading your company,

connecting with your audience,

and getting even more famous for what you do.


Leave the details to us.


Hi, I’m Nicole, your second brain.

My team and I are here to watch over your launches, your projects and your team, so you can show up as your brightest self in your business without worrying about what’s happening on the back-end.

To-do lists, schedules, accountability—that’s our bread and butter.

My credentials? 10+ years of project management experience, including wrangling film crews, launching new TV studios and handling multiple 6-figure and 7-figure program launches for online entrepreneurs. 

And my team? They come with their own amazing credentials PLUS they are highly trained by me.

Imagine doing less of the mucky stuff like:


Answering all the emails being shot back and forth from your designer to your VA to your copywriter to your designer to you



Checking in, babysitting and hand holding to ensure everything stays on track for your launch



Spending so much time in your business that your friends and family get placed on the back burner


And more of:


Being the visionary you were born to be



Having easy-peasy and implementable project plans for everything under the sun



Scaling to never-before-seen numbers because you’re not getting bogged down by the little things



Serving your audience with your full presence + magic

YOUR job is to focus on your Zone of Genius.

Managing the details is OURS.

Nicole is an incredible project manager, who is always thinking (and working) 10 steps ahead.

She provides white-glove service, and takes true ownership and initiative. It’s such a relief to know that my most important projects are in good, trusted hands!

Nicole is excellent at spotting problems or inefficiencies. Even better, she proactively solves them and puts new systems in place, so they don’t happen again.

When it comes to big projects and launches, so much is at stake! That’s why I hire the best, and the best is Nicole and her team at The Project Designer.

– Selena Soo

We offer a variety of services:


Project Managing

Team Hiring

CEO Consulting


to name a few…


Apply for a call below so we can figure out the best fit for you, your business and your team!

“You can’t change your circumstances if you don’t change your actions.”

As to All of Your Qs

How far in advance do I hire a project manager?


We typically start 3 months before your project launches to iron out a plan, run it past your team for sign off and have enough time to implement everything successfully. We find this timeframe to be the most effective and produce the best results. However, if you’ve got something coming up fast, we’re happy to chat and see how we can support you!


What projects do you work on?


We support business owners with a variety of projects including online programs, podcasts, editorial batching and execution. We work best with business owners that have been in business for 2+ years, have a team and are looking to grow and evolve.


Do you help with hiring?

Yes! We love hiring. We offer team strategy and hiring as a stand-alone service and we can easily add it on to your Project Management package!

Do you manage my team?


We manage your team within the scope of the project(s). Based on the project plan we create, we will give the team tasks, timelines and follow up. It is their responsibility to fulfill their portion on the project.


What tools do you use to organize my project?


We use and love Asana. All of our clients use Asana and if they ever move away from it to try another Project Management tool, they always come back! There is no perfect system, but we’ve found Asana to be one of the best for our clients and their team. 


Will you write copy and do technical updates on my website?


No, we only manage the implementation, we do not perform the tasks.


Will you guarantee that my project will be successful?


No. If we said we could, we’d be lying! In order for a project to be successful it requires the combined effort of the business owner, project manager and team members. The whole team must deliver A+ work in order for the project to be successful. We guarantee that we will deliver 100% 🙂

Do I really need a Project Manager or can I just have my Virtual Assistant do the planning and implementing?

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