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You are ready to QUANTUM LEAP in your business and know that having a rockstar team is necessary to get you to the next level!


You’ve spent countless hours on-boarding team members only to find them moving on to greener pastures.


You’ve worked with one too many people who were SO enthusiastic to work with you in the beginning only to find out that they OVER promised and UNDER delivered.


The idea of running your business AND managing a team is so overwhelming that you feel stuck between a rock and a hard place!

Hi darling, I’m Nicole. 


And I’m here to tell you that after working with and managing small teams for over 10 years in the film, TV & small business world, I KNOW there is a better way.

Here’s my story…

I’ve been working with small teams all of my life.

And you know what? Small teams can move mountains.


With good leadership and good people.  Sounds easy, right?


I’ve worked for several businesses owned by Fortune 500 companies with drastically different views on hiring & team management. And you know what I found? The company that kept their organization lean ALWAYS continued to have double digit growth year over year.

And it all comes down to the following principles: 

»» Having a solid STRATEGY.


»» Finding CREATIVE ways to manage and MOTIVATE.


»» Taking OWNERSHIP. 

These principles are used by:

PROFITABLE Fortune 500 companies

NAVY seals

successful music BANDS

SPORTS teams

and pretty soon YOU!! 

Imagine this…


You have moved from solopreneur to LEADER in your business and industry. Others wonder – how does she get so much done??


Your team gives you an ROI of at least 5 times over what you’ve invested.


You wake up in the morning EXCITED to work with your team because you know that they are as passionate and as dedicated as YOU.


When you assign tasks, you know that they will actually get done to YOUR standards.


When you hire a new team member you KNOW that they will perform because you have EVIDENCE that they will deliver.


Your team is checking in with YOU as opposed to the other way around.

Sounds pretty good, right?

Well, I’m here to tell you: THIS IS POSSIBLE!


Zero To Dream Team is an online interactive group program

that takes you from NO team members

to your first phase of superstar team members

How it works:

  • On Monday, December 7th, you will get access to all 5 modules full of actionable content in the form of video, audio and fillable PDFs. You will have access to templates and swipe files to make hiring & managing your team easy & fun.
  • We will have Q&A calls where you will get your specific questions answered LIVE. 
  • You will have access to a Private Member’s Only Group to get ongoing support and advice from me and other experts.
  • I am constantly adding and updating content in the program. I ask for your feedback so that I can continue to grow the program and deliver exactly what you need!
  • The first 5 people that sign up will receive a 30 minute laser coaching call with me.
  • There will be additional bonuses and surprises along the way!

Getting Started – Hiring Your Dream Team

» Develop your TEAM GROWTH PLAN.

» Identify who you need to hire first.

» Create your HIRING BUDGET $$

» Craft your Job Post (plus free template!)

» Example interview questions and trial run tests.

Fillable PDFs: Team Growth Plan & Job Post Template

The Essentials for Team Management

» Your virtual Team Management System. 

» Scheduling and running effective TEAM MEETINGS (plus agenda template!)

» My 3 “Ts” to successful management.

» Habits to develop with your team (so they run like a well-oiled machine!)

Fillable PDFs: Weekly Team Meeting Agenda Template, Swipe File for Follow Ups.

BONUS: Team Management Systems 101 with Mallie Rydzik, Systems Scientist

Handling Difficult Conversations #LIKEABOSS

» Identifying the cause of the problem.

» How to move from Victim to Leader.

» Delivering the message while staying true to YOU.

» Key steps to take AFTER the conversation.

» Knowing when to let go of a team member & how to deliver the message with GRACE.

How To Keep Your Team SUPER Engaged

» The beauty of weekly meetings.

» How to genuinely connect with your team.

» Low cost ways to show APPRECIATION. 

» Team/Employee Reviews: setting up a review structure that saves you TIME!

PDFs: Self-Review Template with Instructions!

Your Leadership Mindset

» Tricks for shifting to a LEADERSHIP mindset.

» Quick ways to overcome OVERWHELM when managing a team.

» 5 balancing practices you can start today that will leave you feeling cool as a cucumber!

» Team Management: “The Practice”

Bonuses: EFT & Interview with Leadership Coach, Thais Carolina.

Zero To Dream Team | Online group program | Live Q&A calls | Private Membership Community | Lifetime Access


The first 5 people who sign up get a 30 minute laster coaching session with me.


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You may be wondering why the investment is so low compared to the value provided in the program…


The truth is that this is the first time that I’m releasing Zero To Dream Team to the public. I have collaborated with experts and high level coaches to create this program; however, I want to make sure that it really includes EVERYTHING that YOU need.


As part of the first group, you’ll get to participate in the program at a low cost in exchange for your feedback. When you sign up, you’ll receive a personal questionnaire so that we cover everything you need to grow your team!


This is such an exciting opportunity — there is really no other training like this out on the marketplace for small business owners.


The best part is that you will get lifetime access to the program so as we make improvements based on your feedback, YOU will benefit!

SO, are you ready to grow your team of superstars??


*by clicking the above link, you are agreeing to our standard purchase terms.