5 Day Launch Plan Challenge

5 day launch plan challenge

I’m so excited for you to join the 5 day LAUNCH PLAN Challenge!

It all starts tomorrow.

Here are a few homework assignments to make sure you’re prepped and ready to go!

1. Get to know your ideal client.

This challenge will work the BEST for people who have a program idea that they KNOW that their target audience needs.

This means that you’ve actually talked to them – you know their pains, frustrations, struggles, fears – and you are confident that YOUR program is a solution because they’ve told you it is!

If you haven’t done this work already, take some time before the challenge begins to post in Facebook, schedule some 15 min calls, or private message your audience and really get to know them.

2. Start thinking about how you LOVE to connect with and grow your tribe.

It could be: email, webinars, Facebook, Periscope, Twitter, group challenges.

Make sure it’s something that you’ve done before and that it WORKS for you and your audience.

We’re going to need this information when we start putting together your launch plan, so I want to get those wheels turning now

3. Start dreaming about your dream team.

Start thinking about who you need to bring on-board for your launch. Maybe it’s an additional VA or a copywriter, content strategist, web designer, video editor or Facebook ads expert.

We’ll be digging into this more during the challenge; however I want you to start thinking about your DREAM TEAM.

Who are the people that you would just LOVE to work with? Start jotting down a few names. Check out their websites and their testimonials.

Bonus points for anyone that messages the person directly to get more information about their services!