You’re ready to embark on a new project. You’re excited about your idea and know you need a team. You start going through the list of players and “Project Manager” comes up. You ask yourself: Do I really need a Project Manager for this? Could I just do it myself with some help from my team? I’ve done it before, maybe I could manage it again. Oh I don’t know…

Does this sound like you?

If so, here is a simple guide to help you figure it out!


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If you got “Hire A Project Manager”: You my friend are ready to go! You have a profitable business, your schedule is already maxed out, you want to serve more clients or your current clients in a better way, you know you have more to offer, but can’t take on another project without help.

I’ve received feedback from a few clients on why they love having a Project Manager. Here are a some reasons:

  1. Someone manages them (the entrepreneur) and keeps them accountable.
  2. Their team has someone to go to with questions.
  3. It’s refreshing to hand over the reins so that they can focus on running their business (teaching, writing, building relationships, etc).


If you got “Don’t Hire a Project Manager”: You may want to hold off on hiring a Project Manager for now. Your idea may still be developing or you may not be interested in having someone else manage the details. It may be beneficial for you to start managing the project on your own. If you find that through the process your project is building momentum and you need someone to manage the details, then consider a Project Manager.

To help you with this process, I made a simple guide that you can download and fill out. Just add your info below and I’ll email you right now!

The short of it…

Project Managers are a perfect fit for the entrepreneur that wants to focus on their zone of genius and doesn’t have the time or interest in managing every single detail. 

My zone of genius is organizing and managing projects. I literally get into a groove. I call it “Project Mode.” It’s both exciting and grounding. It feels natural.

What is your zone of genius? Let me know in the comments below. And also let me know your quiz results too!

P.S. If you’re wondering what the difference is between a Virtual Assistant and a Project Manager, you can find out here.

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