Your business is booming and now you have more ideas than you’re able to implement.

Your team is awesome, but they keep coming to you with questions and you don’t have the bandwidth to be so involved.

… AND even if you did have the bandwidth, you know that you really should be focused on other things, like creating content and building relationships.

RX: An operations audit. Woot woot!

Now before you stop reading, it’s not as boring as it sounds — stick with me.

This is one of my favorite things to do with clients and you can actually start doing it for yourself… like right now.

An operations audit consists of: identifying the bottlenecks in your biz and then coming up with creative solutions based on YOUR business and team. (Remember you are different from everyone else, so what works for someone else may not work for you. Be open to trying new things.)

Here are the steps:

1. List out all of the things that you feel like you’re holding up in your business. Also include the things you just don’t want to be doing anymore.

2. List out your current team members’ roles & responsibilities. Also include what other areas they may be capable of handling based on your observations or conversations. Could they take over any of the tasks that you’ve listed?

3. Create a team survey and ask questions like: What do you feel like I’m currently holding up in the business? Do you have a creative solution for fixing this? Are any of these things areas that you would want to take over? If so, which ones and what are your ideas for making the transition successful? Are there any talents you have that we’re not currently utilizing?

4. Combine your list and your team’s list of things that you are holding up (or shouldn’t be doing anymore.)

5. Combine the roles & responsibilities document with the feedback you received from your team on what they may be able to take over.

6. Now review the lists side by side. You’ll want to look for: what items can my CURRENT team take over and what items can they NOT take over. This will help you better utilize your current team and then give you a guideline for additional people you may need to hire.

This is the foundation for making operational changes in your business.

Coming up next: how to train your current team to take on more responsibility in your business, when to train someone and when to hire an “expert,” and how to hire new team members that are the right match for you.


What else do you want to know when it comes to building your team? Post in the comments below!

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