Last week we talked about the importance of having a solid launch marketing strategy before creating a detailed project plan or hiring a launch team.

Did you miss it? No worries, you can read the recap here.

Once you feel 100% confident in your marketing strategy (aka it’s received a blessing from all of your business buds and mentors), you can start creating the detailed plan.

To do this, you’ll need to break each marketing component out into step by step tasks.

For example, if you’re warming your list up by offering a free PDF, this is what the breakdown might look like:

Opt-in to get free PDF

– Copy & Design: Opt-in, Thank You Page, Autoresponder (linking to PDF)

– Copy & Design: PDF

– Tech: Setting up the Opt-in to get the free PDF

You’ll notice that I labeled each task with a specific Category: Copy, Design & Tech

This will help you figure out where you need the most support during your launch.

Now I know that this may seem a bit tedious. Perhaps you’re thinking that you don’t have the time, that this “detail stuff” doesn’t really matter or that the most important thing is to “move fast and everything will fall into place.”

My response: the time you take to plan on the front end will actually allow you & your team to be more flexible and spontaneous during your launch. When your team knows what is coming up and can get things done ahead of time, it allows them to be more available to you for in-the-moment marketing changes.

Make sense?

Next week we’ll talk about how to figure out who you need to hire for your launch based on this detailed breakout. So happy planning!

See you next week!

xo Nicole

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