It’s true.

So often business owners get so stuck in the day to day management – planning projects, checking in on team members, and filling in the gaps when the team isn’t delivering – that they lose out on big picture visioning and strategic thinking that is NECESSARY to grow the business.

But does it really matter? Yes, yes it does and here’s why:

#1 – You are losing money. When you spend your energy on delegating, following up and troubleshooting, you are wasting time and time is money.

#2 – Your audience, clients and students don’t like it. When you are putting out fires left and right, you aren’t showing up to your full capacity online and your followers can feel it. You’ll find that they won’t engage like they usually do and it will leave you scratching your head.

#3 – You may be frustrated at your team (and your team may be frustrated with you.) This is a risky place to be in because it creates tension and a team with tension doesn’t perform well.  

#4 – There is a huge opportunity cost. Have you heard of the domino effect? It’s the cumulative effect produced when one event initiates a succession of similar events. When you are operating in your Zone of Genius consistently you are available to be a better leader to your audience, your team, your family and your friends. When you are doing things that you don’t enjoy or maybe aren’t even good at, everyone feels it too. You decide what kind of an impact you want to create.

If one or all of these points resonate with you then you may benefit from having a Project Manager on your team.

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Here are a few signs that you need one:

You have a team of implementers, but need someone to give them clear direction and follow up with them to make sure everything is getting done!

One way to tell if your team isn’t getting clear direction is if they’ve:

– Said the following: “Oh, I didn’t know you wanted it done that way…”

– Missed a deadline.

– Created something that was so far from what you wanted, you were in shock.

A Project Manager takes your ideas, asks you thoughtful questions and then translates that message to your team. They field the team’s questions and then come back to you if further clarification is needed (or arrange a meeting!)

You have become the bottleneck. You find that you are actually the one holding up projects from getting finished (even though you might blame your team!) A Project Manager will meet with you regularly and present what information needs your sign-off in a way that works for you. They will also act as a sounding board if you are taking on something that should be delegated.

You don’t know the status of projects and don’t know who is doing what tasks. A Project Manager takes ownership of the project and keeps you up to date on what’s been done, what’s coming up and any potential risks or foreseeable challenges.

You feel like your time is being wasted. The day passes and instead of making high level connections and partnerships, you were putting out fires left and right. You are not working in your zone of brilliance and feel a bit frustrated. You know that someone else should be handling this stuff – but who? The answer: a Project Manager. They manage and empower your team to get to the bottom of issues, put out fires, and communicate to you in a way that leaves you feeling at peace knowing that everything is in good hands.

You may be thinking: “Got it, Nicole. I know I need a Project Manager, but how do I find one – a good one? Just thinking about finding the right person, hiring and on-boarding them makes me want to cringe!”

I understand and the good news is that it doesn’t have to be hard! After talking to several top names in the online industry, it’s apparent that most have someone on their team already that has the skillset to be a Project Manager.

Grab my signature course that will teach your team to project manage like a pro!

Here are a few signs that someone on your team has what it takes:

#1 – They take ownership. Ownership is a key ingredient for a successful Project Manager. They are responsible for everything that happens when it comes to the project – good and bad. If something isn’t working, they think outside of the box to come up with solutions and recommendations.

#2 – They handle it – just like Olivia Pope. Once you give them a task or project, you know that it is in good hands. You have a considerable amount of trust for this person and know that they will represent you well.

#3 – They know how to talk to anyone. They seem to get along with multiple personality types and find ways to connect and build relationships with everyone. Extra bonus points, if they’ve had to give constructive criticism to you or others.

This person may be a Virtual Assistant, Social Media Manager or Online Business Manager. It’s so much easier to promote someone on your team then bring in someone new. However, you’ll want to make sure that you have a conversation with them to make sure that it’s something that they actually WANT to do. You may also need to bring in additional support to help them take over day-to-day tasks so that they can focus on managing.

After they’ve said, “yes!” it’s important to give them the training and support that they need to succeed.

That’s why I created a high-level Project Manager training program that will give your team member the guidance, tools, and mentorship they need to confidently manage a project from start to finish.

In just 8 weeks, they will be able to plan out your next big project, lead meetings, manage your team and make sure that everything runs smoothly. Imagine not having to worry about the details knowing that your Project Manager has it handled? Do I hear a sigh of relief?

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