Seriously, one of the most common questions I’m asked is what’s the difference between a PM and an OBM.

(I know I know, a lot of acronyms, they make me cringe too, but hang in there.)

Now, I’ll start with saying that not all OBMs and PMs are created equal. I’m talking about this from MY experience and how I work as a project manager.

An Online Business Manager (OBM) is someone you bring on to manage the day to day of your business. They make sure you’re set up in Ontraport or Infusionsoft or whatever the latest and greatest is.

They handle client care, community management, social media, and schedule blogs and newsletters.

Some will do all of this, some only a part. It depends on their skill set and their packages.

You bring on a Project Manger when you’re ready to GROW your business, expand, launch something new, in addition to your steady business (1:1, FB community, social media, etc).

Project managers come up with a plan of attack: what, when and how things are going to get done AND help you figure out how the heck you’re going to do it while you’re still managing the day to day of your business.

Their responsibility is to MANAGE, not implement. This is the big difference between OBMs and Project Managers. OBMs usually are doing the work or part of it. This is great when it comes to day to day tasks, but when you’re working on a big launch, you want someone FOCUSED ON MANAGING.

Managing YOU, managing your TEAM, solving problems BEFORE they happen, saving you time, money and ENERGY.

Project managers also work really nicely WITH OBMs or your VA or BOTH. Talk about a freakin’ dream team right there.

xo Nicole

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