I can 100% say that hiring The Project Designer team was one of the BEST decisions I’ve made for my business. I have more freedom, I know that things are getting done without me, and my business has grown tremendously since working together.

In our first 6 months of working together, my revenue literally almost DOUBLED what I had earned during my previous 6 months of business. Also, during one of my course launches that Nicole and her team managed, our revenue was 66% higher than when I had previously launched that same course myself, just a few months prior.

Basically, Nicole and the TPD team are one of the best investments you’ll make in your business, not only in terms of earning more money, but also in terms of having more freedom and knowing you’re supported by people who care just as much about your business as you do.  – Melyssa Griffin

I highly recommend Nicole & her team to EVERYONE for Project Management and Team Hiring Support! Hire the TPD team if you want your projects managed in a timely manner, your team to get things done, and clear communication all throughout!

– Kimra Luna

“Nicole’s plan was so clear, it was like having Windex sprayed all over my launch.”

– Lauren Vanessa Zink

Nicole helped me pick up all the scattered pieces of my past launches and worked with me to organize everything in such a clear and concise way that there was no guesswork involved. It honestly felt like the biggest weight was lifted off my shoulders knowing that I had someone who I could trust to support me with both the big picture launch strategy and managing the nitty gritty tasks required along the way. – Lexi D’Angelo

Nicole is a project management champion and the go-to expert in the online industry. I’ve worked on many launch teams, with and without Nicole’s team as the PM, and there is a huge difference when they are onboard. 

Nicole and her team makes launches as stress-free and fun as they could possibly be… while maintaining a professional and accountable environment for all! – Jillian Adriana

In all of my years working with high achieving 6 and 7 figure entrepreneurs, I’ve seen a lot of online launches. Some have gone really well and some have gone… well let’s say…. really badly. One of the distinguishing factors between a good launch and a bad launch is having a clear plan and project manager who has your back!
If you’re looking to create your first (or next) 6 or 7 figure launch do like the pro’s do and hire a project manager. What does a PM do? They let you shine, while they manage all the details.
And if you are serious about your success look no further than Nicole. She is a pro! A true expert who understands how to connect with her clients and their teams to create magic. – Laura Wright

Nicole is one of those remarkable women that you simply want to be around because of her high-vibe energy. She is the real deal – a master of project and team management, a genius business owner, easy to get on with, honest and direct with communication that is always delivered with grace. – Kathleen Ventura

As an entrepreneur, one of the biggest struggles is juggling everything without losing track of the details. I am beyond grateful for the advice and assistance of Nicole. She offers practical advice and knows how to get it all done, without all those overwhelming feelings.

Where would I be without you, Nicole?! – Kristin Molenaar

After working with Nicole my business is running more smoothly and efficiently now that my projects and timelines are in order. Nicole helped me take the thoughts that were in my head for far too long and actually organize them into an action plan. I felt organized and at ease knowing everything was prepared ahead of time.

I would definitely recommend working with Nicole – her energy, knowledge and expertise helped make my time with her fun and not stressful. She shared the same enthusiasm as I did for my project and helped me break my project down into an orderly schedule. I’m so grateful for the time I got to work with Nicole – she is a tremendous asset and will go above and beyond with her work! – Lindsey Barbara

Nicole showed us how to set up our team & projects and helped us gain clarity around our process for on-boarding new clients. I’d love to engage Nicole again to train our team! – Amber Miller

Case Studies

Client: Business Coach

Project: Mastermind Program Launch

Hired Nicole for Client’s third Mastermind launch so that it would be more organized and produce greater sales.


  • Established and organized project milestones.
  • Developed and managed extensive list of tasks for each area of launch, including, but not limited to: launch webinar opt-in page, program sales page, email marketing, social media, live speaking event, affiliates, on-boarding client process.
  • Collaborated with Client to create project timelines.
  • Advised on task delegation to team members.
  • Consulted on launch videos, website design & content, live webinars, early bird pricing, affiliate program, and list building.


  • Exceeded goal for program signs ups.
  • Program hit multiple six-figures in revenue.
  • Felt calm and in control of all aspects of launch


Client: CEO of Web Design & Development Company

Project: Team Task Workflow and Launch of Signature Offering

Hired Nicole to develop better workflow for management of team’s day-to-day projects and to manage the launch of signature company offering.


  • Reviewed and analyzed project management system workflow.
  • Consulted on team roles and responsibilities.
  • Identified inefficiencies and created new workflows that saved time and money. (See results below).
  • Collaborated with Client to develop launch strategy and execution for new signature offering.
  • Recommended launch systems for webinars, payment and scheduling tools.
  • Advised on content for launch videos and helped develop social media strategy.
  • Delegated tasks to team members and worked with Client to ensure project success.


  • Within two weeks of working with Client, Nicole identified inefficiencies and implemented alternative workflows saving approx. $5K/yr.
  • Launch of new offering generated Client’s first five-figure month.
  • Client felt more confident and in control of business having Nicole as a right hand.