So you don’t think you need a project manager, eh?

Well, if you have 1:1 clients AND launch any sort of programs throughout the year — let me tell you why you’re WRONG.

My last client hired me me after her second six figure mastermind launch because it was MESSY.

Her plan was messy, her team was scattered, she was barely keeping up. On the outside you could hardly tell, but inside, it felt overwhelming and chaotic.

And the biggest smack in the face was that she was MISSING OUT on MORE income AND the ability to serve MORE people. (Us fancy ex-corporate folks call this missed opportunity).

Yes, she hit six figures during ALL of her launches, but she was stopping herself from hitting SEVEN — easily.


Because her head wasn’t in the game.

Everyone who is anyone knows how important MINDSET is to getting what you really want.

Well, if you’re running around like a chicken with your head cut off, your mindset is definitely not focused on filling your program to maximum capacity.

Enter the project manager (aka your kick ass fairy godmother – see below):


  • we are your right hand person.
  • we collaborate with you to set up a launch plan that works for YOU based on your business, your needs, and your freakin’ phenomenal personality.
  • we are your secret weapon, working in the background, overseeing the moving pieces to make sure shit gets done!
  • need a team? We’ll find one for you.
  • need a 15 minute bitch fest — totally here.
  • want to repeat your launch in six months and blow it out of the water? We’ll go over everything to make sure you’re set up and ready to go.

Sound like a breath of fresh freakin’ air? Then go find yourself a project manager.

xo Nicole

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