“Help! I don’t have enough time to manage my client’s projects AND manage my own projects to grow my business. What do I do?”

This type of overwhelm is something that a lot of small business owners experience. Usually the first thought is to blame ourselves, thinking “I’m just not on top of things,” or “I wish I was more organized,” or “Why am I always so behind?”

As entrepreneurs we want to focus on immediate income-producing activities, like working with one-on-one clients or running a group program. At the same time we need to focus on future income producing projects that will grow our business, like digital programs, revamped offerings, masterminds, etc. Then on top of everything, we need to continue to engage with our audience through free challenges, social media, email marketing… and the list goes on.

In short, there’s a lot to juggle! In this video I’ll talk about how to manage your immediate income-producing activities, day-to-day operations and future growth projects with ease! Let’s get to it!

xo Nicole



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