VA or PMSmall businesses need help. And I mean human help. It’s impossible to run and grow the business you love without it.

Oftentimes I hear entrepreneurs struggling with figuring out how to get things done.

The 5 projects they’ve been trying to complete for 2 years, the social media updates, the blog post, the graphics, the email automation, the busy busy work that takes up one of your most valuable possessions: your time! Time that could be spent working with your clients, developing your content, generating more business and growth.

So the question comes: “Ok, so who do I hire?”

If you want to manage someone to do the busy work – the scheduling, blog posts, social media updates, graphic design – then hiring a virtual assistant may be a good solution for you. You tell them what you need done, give them the right information and they get it done.

If the thought of managing yet another thing makes you want to scream – then hiring a project manager (PM) is probably your best bet. They manage your team (even if it’s just you) and hold everyone accountable. Project managers organize everything in your head, create timelines, manage your people (and you), navigate roadblocks and, most importantly, they make everyone’s job EASIER. (Do I hear a big sigh of relief?)

How many times have you created an action plan (yay!) and then found yourself not looking at it for weeks (boo!)

Project managers will not only help you create the action plan, but then actually make sure that it gets done.

Ultimately, you need to evaluate where you are right now in your business and what makes the most sense for you.

Do you already have a team? What’s working for you and what needs improvement? Maybe your missing link is a project manager so that you can throw away that hat once and for all. Because let’s face it, if you’re a small business owner then you’ve probably accumulated too many hats anyway 🙂

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